Sharpen Those Creative Skills – Compose A Poem!

The favorite of all – Children love poems and get connected easily to the rhythm they sing, to the way they identify the story and to the way they memorize every bit of it. In order to bring out their ability in learning as well as inspiring those little emotions, this can be the best method to help them compose one! However, the biggest hurdle of all is the endeavors of many teachers at nursery schools in Singapore this task.

How to guide? – As a teacher, reciting a poem in class, explaining the story in it and making the students love to read it all again is fun to do. So this special art of writing a poem will also be just as enjoyable. All it requires are a few guidelines that help them come up with the best poem according to their abilities. Introduce them to the fact that poems can be written in a wide range of variations, from 4 lines to any length. Tell them that the choice of word can be purely of one choice and finally, the sky is the limit in letting the verse flow.

The guideline –

* Choose books that can be easily understood by a kindergarten school kid. Read along with the children loud and clear, explaining to them the way it is written, the pattern followed, how every line is ending and what kind of rhythm or rhyme is applied. It gives them an overall view of how a poem can be penned first.

* Once done with reading and explanation, start writing the poem with its lyrics. You can even use a favorite song of theirs as an example. Now, as the lyrics are done, for the same tune, help in composing a different poem with all new lyrics. This helps to increase their vocabulary and thought process.

* The next day, take them to a park, or a street or even a newsstand and let them observe the things. Tell them to put down on the paper what they have seen in four lines and ask them to singing their ‘poem’ with a rhythm.

* This is the basic level for a kid to start writing a poem with a rhythm and tune. This cannot be done at a stretch too. Remember they are kids; although they may be able to grasp concepts quickly, they will need time to master it. Don’t rush them before they are ready.

* As a parent or as a teacher, this poem composition is to brush up their hidden creative skills and provoke their thought process towards a better path day by day.

What Does Your Child Learn in Skool-Ready?

Preschools in Singapore offer you, as a parent, the best learning experience for your child and ensure that the child gets the best teaching to enhance his mental, physical, intellectual and emotional abilities. The preschool offers playgroups in Singapore where your child can interact with other children of the same age. When the child interacts with other children his age, he is able to understand the personalities of other children and how to get along with them.

Who is the program best suited for?

This program is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 6 and uses a lot of fun-based learning activities to have the children interact with each other. It uses an inquiry-based curriculum that is filled with fun activities and concrete learning processes to allow the children to have fun with each other. The children can experience an array of extraordinary learning activities and observe the way other children behave in the environment.

What does the Skool-Ready program involve?

The program organizes a number of lessons that teach the children various subjects on English, learning, maths, etc. Each learning program has a central theme that focuses on learning one activity that all the children can learn and enjoy together. The teachers spend quality time with the children and build a lasting and bonding relationship with each of the students. The teacher and children will develop a project inquiry on a subject that interests the both of them.

Why choose the Skool-Ready program for your toddler or child?

The Skool-Ready program offered by My First Skool is one of the best preschool programs that you can enroll your child or toddler into. This program is also aligned with the Ministry of Education in Singapore or the MOE Preschool curriculum framework and helps to develop the child’s mental and thinking skills, knowledge and mental disposition using six different kinds of learning based activities or domains –

* Creative and aesthetic expression

* Discovering the world

* Literacy and language development skills

* Numerical development skills and mathematical abilities

* Motor skills development

* Emotional, mental and social development

* English language skills

* Drawing, painting, sketching skills

The Skool-Ready program will definitely get your child ready to face any kind of problem once he enters the higher school levels and he will be fully equipped with the cognitive, mental, social, emotional and thinking skills necessary to take on any school in Singapore.

5 Tips for creating an attractive Singapore preschool curriculum

Do you want to write attention-grabbing curriculum for your Singapore preschool ? There are many people who want to create a preschool curriculum in their own style. If you are finding difficulty in achieving this task then you do not need to worry as you will get a solution to this problem here. The tips for making an attractive preschool curriculum are the following:-

Discuss with your co-workers:-

You should discuss with your supervisor or the well experienced teachers in your school regarding curriculum. There are many teachers who like to share their ideas for the development of the children. If you know teachers of other preschools then you can also consult them.

Review existing curriculum:-

You can look into various curricula such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Scope, etc., made by early childhood professionals. When you go through these frameworks, you will get many useful details about curriculum design and teaching methods. You can also search different curriculums over the internet to have an idea about the content used to make curriculum.

Including fun loving activities:-

Activities play an important role in deciding preschool curriculum. You can include many activities in your curriculum such as:

Arts and crafts:-

Every child likes to draw and color. So you should organize drawing competitions to increase creativity skills. Singing rhyming songs will help kids in gaining vocabulary and phonemic awareness. You can also encourage children to participate in a dramatic play as it will lead to improvement in their communication skills. They will also learn about abstract thinking, teamwork and many more by these activities. You can use various props such as clothes, dolls or any other soft toys for creating a dramatic play.

Make familiar kids with the real world:-

You must introduce hands-on activities so that kids have an idea about their five senses. You can plan many outdoor activities so that they can observe the world around them. For instance, you can tell them to bring red flowers from the school playground.

Give knowledge to kids about society:-

You can teach children about social society by making them aware of their communities. The kids can dress up like members of different communities and act out roles accordingly in a dramatic play.

Inculcate language skills:-

You should arrange reading books as per the age of kids and tell them to read aloud to develop language skills in them. The children can also color shapes on graphic organizers with the help of crayons. The pre-writing activities will aid the children to write alphabets and numbers in an easiest manner.

Examine the state standards for preschool:-

It is advisable to follow the standards established by the local government for each age group. The standards can be split into various subject areas such as social studies or mathematics. These standards are used to judge the progress of kids.

Structure of classroom:-

You can make the structure of a classroom academic-based as well as play style. If you want to do play based settings then you can divide the classroom into different sections like a reading area, kitchen and so on. You can also decorate the room with letters, numbers, etc., in order to incorporate academic settings.

Parents- The Favourite Teacher of Children

Children undergo so many development stages right from infants to teenagers, then to adults. During this series of growth stages, parents always play an important role during the development of common behavioural factors related to social, emotional, intellectual and physical. Kids always need their parents beside them to gain encouragement, the feeling of safety and support during all activities and it ultimately leads to a mastery of skills in different stages of life.

A parent act as the first and most important teacher of the child’€™s life and it is advised by experts from Singapore kindergarten that parents need to make efforts to be the best teacher of their child throughout their lifetime. It is the moral responsibility of parents to teach the best lessons to their kids at every step, so that they can beat the challenges of life ahead.

Parents sometimes work like a coach and boost the abilities of their child to meet specific targets as per their age group and they also encourage growth by all prospects. The experience of parents from their life cycle adds value to each step of their kid and it helps the little champs explore different opportunities in life. The common behaviour of parents and their way of dealing with problems of life gets automatically developed in children with time and it gives them the ability to interact with the environment and face social changes.

Experts have observed that the overall development of a child depends on how their parents treat them and how they make them able to learn from experiences. The motivational force and the support that is extended by parents towards each and every activity of their child acts like the biggest inspiration for them and their abilities are boosted accordingly. Parents are responsible for making their child a good social person; right from the very first step of life, kids rely on their parents for guidance and support. Before they become independent, they have to learn lots of things under the guidance of their parents.

Only parents have the power to build the strongest structure of a child’€™s brain so that it can sustain in all situations and can act wisely at different stages of life. One of the biggest decisions for parents about their children is to get them enrolled into a school where they can find the right opportunities for development and they also need to take a budget-friendly decision for this.

When children are at the learning stage, parents need to identify their interest and indulge them in activities that can boost their confidence as well as abilities. If your kid is good in singing, then help him/her to get some extra classes to improve his/her skills and find new opportunities for him/her to bring those skills on big platforms. Every child has a different development blueprint as all humans are born with unique abilities; parents need to teach their kids about behavioural, social, emotional and social skills so that that their little child can follow the path of overall development with the right guidelines and collection of experiences.

Basic Tips For Finding The Best Bak Chor Mee

With so many bak chor mee stalls in Singapore, identifying the right one could be a daunting task. You want to find professionals who could make your outside dining experience count and actually leave you with something flavorsome you can write home about. Remember that you want to dine on a dish that has been considered the epitome of Asian food culture and lifestyle for a long time. This means that a lot has changed in its preparation process. A few basic tips could guide you into finding the best Bak Chor Mee.

Meaningful evolution that touches on preparation of the typical mix of noodles and minced meat would enable experts to bring out more flavors and work on their food presentation skills. It goes without saying that the original presentation of Bak Chor Mee was not a delightful sight. Fortunately, a lot of experts have now done away with the soup and instead use a tasty sauce made of spices and vinegar.

You want to spend your money on a tasty meal that is also filled with healthy nutrients. In this respect, you can simply not afford to overlook the food preparation process followed by chefs who have your interest. Search for the views of food critics and also seek the opinions of your acquaintances before choosing where to dine.

Then again, great food would not be good enough if you are not offered a comfortable atmosphere and outstanding customer service. During research for a good place you could sit down and have your favorite meal, see to it that you do all inclusive considerations in order to make the best possible choice.

Basing initial research online would be a brilliant idea. You could find the reviews of locals and even those of visitors who have had a taste of the authentic Singaporean meal for the first time. There is much that you could tell about the general experience that you could be offered in a particular stall based on the kind of reviews and testimonials that have been made by recent clients.

Stomach affairs are often taken seriously across the globe. This means that most people would be glad to talk about good food, where to get it and even who prepares it. The power of word of mouth could come in handy when seeking guidance on a topic such as food which is dear to many. One of the simplest ways of finding the finest BCM stalls is by seeking personal recommendations.