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Remedies for Frizzy Perm Hair in Singapore

Remedies for Frizzy Perm Hair in Singapore Frizzy hair is a problem faced by residents and visitors of Singapore alike. The humid weather can be a nightmare for people who hope to retain the same hairstyle from morning to evening. Unfortunately, this is not always the case since the hair tips become frizzy, and those […]

Choosing the Right Accounting Software for your Company

When we talk about the software in the domain of accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore, it is pertinent to mention that competition is very well present in the market. One of the advantages of accounting software is that for companies working in Singapore whether smaller or larger, all have an option of choosing the […]

Good Tax Advisory Practices for Businesses in Singapore

Taxation is the process through which nations build revenue to spend on public expenditure. Singapore has an easy-going taxation policy and offers rebates as well to those who are unable to financially support themselves. More businesses and entrepreneurs are attracted to their taxation policies and prefer to put up businesses here. The taxes of a […]

Why You Should Outsource Corporate Secretarial Services

According to the law in Singapore, once a company is incorporated, a corporate secretary needs to be appointed within six months. The dilemma many companies face is whether to employ a company secretary as a full-time employee or to outsource the services from companies that have specialized in the management of corporate secretarial tasks. There […]

Some of the most delicious cake shops in Singapore

Cakes! Over the years, the word seems to have some sort of indication of a celebration on its way. We all like to eat those yummy cakes! Just because! Singapore provides every dessert lover a chance to linger and stay. There are plenty of great cake shops available here and all you need to do […]

19. YLC Prepping Children For The Future Through A Robust Mathematical Learning Program

Prepping Children For The Future Through A Robust Mathematical Learning Program Everyone needs a bit of help to get ahead. Kids can fall out of grace, so to speak, in the classroom if they do not keep up with their peers. To prep a child for the future through a robust mathematical learning program, he […]

How math enrichment centre can develop special awareness and reasoning skills in children

Learning math not only helps someone understand various formulae and solve numerical problems but it also develops other skills as well. Mathematics improves our overall cognitive functions and as a result, we develop problem solving skills, self-awareness, reasoning skills to name a few. The early we start, the better results we achieve. Problem solving exercise […]

How to teach your child maths through everyday activity

Learning through play: Children tend to learn faster if they are taught informally through play, rather than through a formal routine. While in a play children can investigate, imagine and even recreate. They come to terms with the world in a much better way if new concepts are taught to them through play. They have […]

Sharpen Those Creative Skills – Compose A Poem!

The favorite of all – Children love poems and get connected easily to the rhythm they sing, to the way they identify the story and to the way they memorize every bit of it. In order to bring out their ability in learning as well as inspiring those little emotions, this can be the best […]

What Does Your Child Learn in Skool-Ready?

Preschools in Singapore offer you, as a parent, the best learning experience for your child and ensure that the child gets the best teaching to enhance his mental, physical, intellectual and emotional abilities. The preschool offers playgroups in Singapore where your child can interact with other children of the same age. When the child interacts […]

Basic Tips For Finding The Best Bak Chor Mee

With so many bak chor mee stalls in Singapore, identifying the right one could be a daunting task. You want to find professionals who could make your outside dining experience count and actually leave you with something flavorsome you can write home about. Remember that you want to dine on a dish that has been […]