Choosing the Right Accounting Software for your Company

When we talk about the software in the domain of accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore, it is pertinent to mention that competition is very well present in the market. One of the advantages of accounting software is that for companies working in Singapore whether smaller or larger, all have an option of choosing the right option from the available set of software in the market. Or if you prefer face to face advisory and consultation, you can also outsource for bookkeeping services in Singapore. Many of these corporate service providers are veterans of the industry and know more about bookkeeping than you as a new business owner might.

For software, here are some of the preferred options for companies new and old in Singapore are:

Intuit Quickbooks; Online: this services is mostly dependent upon good online solution for getting done accounting related as well as financing solutions. For those professionals, who do most of their businesses on their mobile, might not find this software that handy and helpful because they will be required online access and fast internet connection for that matter. One main advantage of this quickbook is that with the help of its cloud, collaboration between different services become easy. It means people working from different sites, working on different places on the financial aspect of the company will have a chance to collaborate their end results based on this software.

Xero: Working of xero is somewhat similar to quickbook cloud. Xero cloud also need good and fast internet connection for its working, thus you need to be online so as to use it. What differs xero from quickbook is that it has an interface which can very well get input from the financial institution as well as bank, thus user need not to install anything manual or put any value on his own. Another aspect different from quickbook is its availability on mobile devices as well, which make it convenient for user to use both online and mobile. Unlike other available cloud system, xero is not restricted by any limit of use or any access system, thus as many as number of people can use the system from different places and sources.

Sage 50: For smaller companies working in Singapore, this solution can be better option. As compared to above mentioned solutions which require online/internet connection for working, sage 50 can work offline as well. Thus, those professionals who need to work on and off from remote areas as well, they can easily use this software for working on their financial matters. In case one requires cloud with sage 50, then it also comes with this offer; which again can very well be managed with mobile app as well. Thus, sage 50 is good for online as well as offline accounting services.

org: This is one example of open source solution, offering free accounting services to both professionals and companies. The software offers open program for accounting purposes with a focus on functionality. It allows user to enter all types of financial matters, balance sheets, reports, transactions etc. Thus, no matter if the requirements of your company are complex or even straight, with less to no cost this is a good solution.

Microsoft Excel: Al time favourite and handy solution to accounting matters. Microsoft office is one software which is used by every company, whether small or large, sole proprietorship or large enterprise. Microsoft is trying to get into the market of both cloud and mobile, so smaller businesses could gain benefit from this software as well.

Above mentioned programs are easily available in the Singaporean market and some even have free and trial versions. Thus, depending upon the specific business requirement, features and price; appropriate software and systems can be chosen for your company.

Take some time to make this decision as it affects the way your company’s accounts will be handled as well as the processes in doing so. You can always choose to go to an accounting or bookkeeping service provider for advice and consultation before deciding what the next best steps ahead will be for your company.