Remedies for Frizzy Perm Hair in Singapore

Remedies for Frizzy Perm Hair in Singapore

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Frizzy hair is a problem faced by residents and visitors of Singapore alike. The humid weather can be a nightmare for people who hope to retain the same hairstyle from morning to evening. Unfortunately, this is not always the case since the hair tips become frizzy, and those who love curls end up frustrated because they cannot have them for a long time. Fortunately, there are ways for you to reduce the damage humidity has on your hair.

Shampoo, condition and give your hair a cold rinse

Frizzy hair results from the dehydration of the outer cuticle of the hair. Once dehydrated hair is exposed to moisture, the strands swell up and that is how it becomes frizzy. Once you perm your hair, it is vital that you invest in a shampoo, and conditioner to help your hair cope with Singapore’s weather. When done, give your hair a rinse using cold water. This will constrict the cuticles and help stop your hair from becoming frizzy.

Use protein-infused treatments

Besides using the right shampoo and conditioner, you need products that you can use on the hair after washing it. Protein-infused treatments target frizz and strengthens hair. Regular use of hair treatments will help you retain the moisture and keep the frizz out. Ask your stylist on the best treatment regimen that will give your hair the nutrients it needs without overdoing it. If the cost of regular treatments is high, you should find out the best schedule for you and your hair type.

Get high-grade oil

With Singapore’s humid weather, you may be tempted to go easy on the oil because you do not want greasy hair. However, high-quality hair oil will be absorbed by the oil. This will increase the moisture in the hair and reduce the impact of the frizz. A hair oil that is of poor quality will settle on top of your hair and leave you feeling greasy.

Do not use shampoo daily

Although it may be a relief to wash your hair daily, the shampoo you are using may be damaging your hair. The daily use of shampoo will dehydrate your hair. Substitute your usual shampoo with dry shampoo every three days to protect your hair from damage. When selecting a shampoo to use on your hair, find out if you can get a shampoo that is specially made for perm hair.

Air-dry your hair 80% before blow-drying

Before blow-drying your hair, it is important for you to air-dry it first. This is because heat causes the cuticle to expand, and this results in frizzy hair. If you are always in a rush in the morning, it is best to have an early start so that your hair can dry as required before you blow-dry it.

When towel drying your hair, it is best not to rub it like crazy. Instead, you should carefully blot the water off. If you have thick and long air, you should blot the water in bits to keep your hair from getting tangled.



Get the right cut

Short frizzy hair is more difficult to manage than long hair. However, long hair can also be quite frustrating, especially if it is heavy. If your hair is unbearably frizzier, the longer the cut should be. You should also cut your hair in layers to reduce the frizz. Your hair also looks great if it is wavy and in layers.

When getting a cut, it is vital not to overdo it, especially when it comes to the creation of layers. If this is overdone, instead of solving your frizzy hair problem, it may just become worse.

Get a keratin treatment

If frizz is a daily occurrence for you, you should try a keratin treatment. During the first month, your hair may be straighter and flatter than usual. However, things will become better after using this treatment, and your curls will slowly become more defined.

There are several steps you can take to take care of frizzy perm. You do not need to settle for less. You just need to find the remedies that work for you. Your hair type will influence the method that has the most success for you.


If you do settle for perm, we recommend this hair perm in Singapore.


Some of the most delicious cake shops in Singapore

Cakes! Over the years, the word seems to have some sort of indication of a celebration on its way. We all like to eat those yummy cakes! Just because! Singapore provides every dessert lover a chance to linger and stay. There are plenty of great cake shops available here and all you need to do to find one is to look online! To help you in your quest of finding the most excellent cakes in Singapore, we have compiled this article containing many different cake shops from all corners of Singapore. One example of a famous birthday shop in Singapore is Catandthefiddle whom are very popular for their specially made cheesecakes that comes 30-40 flavors.

Lady M Confections is located at Orchid Central. The name is synonymous rich cakes and excellent breakfasts. Their signature dish, Mille Crêpes, is made of 20 layers. Just thinking about it is enough to make anyone drool! The Patissier is the one-stop destination for anyone looking for a great birthday cake. From traditional cakes to funky customized one, you can get anything here. Their customer and delivery service is excellent, just like their cakes! Anytime you crave for Japanese dessert, Patisserie Glace is the place to go. They offer a wide variety of selections and also make customized cakes. The best part here is that they also offer vegan desserts!

Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill is most popular for their cakes made from natural ingredients. Each of their creation is hand-made and certain cakes or pastries resemble flowers! Eggless or vegan cakes were usually not readily available a few years back. But with the vegan population on the rise, there are many cake shops and bakeries out there who are ready to whip up a lovely customized cake, just for you! There are many cake shops in Singapore which make it difficult to know which ones actually do serve those delectable cakes. For starters, check out this list by The Best Singapore for the best cakes available in Singapore.



Green Tea Mille Crêpes is the best crêpe ever: The delightfully rich, fragrant matcha pastry cream filled between layers and the delicious, paper-thin crêpes will make your heart skip a beat. Try this gorgeous delight to find out why this is so popular with the crowd.


Authentic Japanese ingredients: Some ingredients like walnut and green tea are directly sourced from Japan. Thus, the presentation and taste might remind you of days back in this country. The all-time favourite strawberry shortcake is very much available, and it doesn’t look too far from the traditional version.


Divine Japanese strawberry soufflé: The chef has done a perfect job in balancing the flavours of fresh strawberries, cream, milk, and other ingredients that make up the smooth, moist and light strawberry soufflé. It has been rendering diners speechless after each bite since 2008.


Red velvet cupcake is a star of the show: It is made of Valrhona cocoa cake butter, topped with vanilla cream cheese icing. The cake is moist, fluffy and velvety (indeed) while the frosting is perfectly smooth and has no overwhelming creaminess. A highly recommended flavour to any foodies out there! Read more here!


Now that you have a good idea of where to go for some delicious goodness, let’s take a look at another list of must-go places.


Cakes have become an integral part of our lives. We tend to mark every milestone in our lives with a cake! I don’t see anything wrong with it. From birthdays to anniversaries, even farewells and new jobs are celebrated with a cake. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best places in Singapore where you can go and get your cake-dose for the week! Cakes are usually the dessert we choose for any and all celebration.

Dream Cake Studio makes the most gorgeous cakes. So much so that even the most ardent cake lover will not feel like cutting the cake, lest it destroys the artwork! This list by Sassy Mama contains quite a few decadent cakes.


Our Favourite Birthday Cake Bakeries


Started by a passionate cake-loving mama, Dream Cake Studio makes whimsical cakes that are not only oh-so-pretty to look at (I mean, just look at that Peppa Pig cake!), but also incredibly delish! Made with good quality ingredients such as Swiss chocolate, French butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and free range eggs, they’ll be happy to accommodate to your requests for a cake that’s truly customized for your celebration. They also have some fun-filled cupcake and cake classes that you can sign up for!

If you’re a fan of cheesecake, look no further, mama! Cat & The Fiddle offers over 15 different varieties of creamy goodness; among our faves are “Naughty and Nice” (Devil’s chocolate cake topped with cream cheese and fluffy sponge); “Queen of Hearts” (classic strawberries and cream cheese); and “Milo Dinosaur” (chocolate malt cheesecake topped with a dusting of Milo powder). Bonus points for the great price (use the money you’ve saved to buy a cake topper or two!) and the convenience of online ordering and same-day delivery. Read more here!

When you are in the mood to have something out of the ordinary, these are the places to visit. Their cakes and combinations are out of the world.


Now that we are almost sorted for the next fortnight, let’s wrap it up with another small round of lavish cakes. Check out another set of delicious cakes by Ho Pei Ying!




Out of the Cake Box: This pretty cake was inspired by takoh, the sweet and salty Thai coconut jelly dessert in pandan leaf cups. Here, it’s a beautiful marriage of coconut custard, pandan cheesecake and sweet corn mousse. On their own, the layers don’t make a strong impact, but eaten together? Heavenly!

Cedele: East meets West. The green tea sponge was generously layered with rich chocolate truffle and an authentic bittersweet matcha green tea cream. A smooth, luscious dark chocolate ganache enveloped this indulgent creation.

Palet D’or: You’ll feel like you’re eating pure chocolate with this one. The cake is a new take on the classic palet d’or, a rich chocolate dessert made of layers of cake and chocolate cream. Paul’s version is similar, except that a hazelnut dacquoise and feuilletine are included for added crunch. Read more here!

The cake shops Ying has chosen to cover contains all types of cakes, from rolls to the traditional tier ones.


Well, there you go! These are some of the best cake and bakery shops in Singapore. Check them out! From upcoming new bakeries to established cake shops, you can take your pick. Some offer traditional and yummy cakes while others cater to the more adventurous ones. Have fun! Bon Appétit!

19. YLC Prepping Children For The Future Through A Robust Mathematical Learning Program

Prepping Children For The Future Through A Robust Mathematical Learning Program

Everyone needs a bit of help to get ahead. Kids can fall out of grace, so to speak, in the classroom if they do not keep up with their peers. To prep a child for the future through a robust mathematical learning program, he will definitely improve his grades. At the center that offers Primary mathematics tuition in Singapore, children of different age groups are diagnostically tested. The program enables the child to be math ready to tackle the big bad world out there.

Here are some of the methods used.

The child is taught to learn and comprehend concepts and principles of the subject. Instead of memorizing the analogy, children learn and master how to think out of the box. Obviously, memorized or rote learning is meaningless.

By keeping workbooks neat and tidy, children improve their number writing skills and writing in general.

Today, the Smartphone can help you do anything including calculate. Instead of getting children Smartphone ready, discouraging them from using a calculator in favor of their natural abilities helps them do the math without a prop.

At the learning center, the child gets to be well versed in the vocabulary of mathematics so that s/he is able to define all the skills along the way.

Kids learn the syllabus through a systematic prep methodology based on understanding the problem in front and finally figuring out the answer.

If the child cannot complete the homework, it could be that s/he was not able to figure out the problem. At the center, children are encouraged to complete the homework allotted for the day. By encouraging the child to complete the assignment, the tutor can figure out where the child feels lost. Practice lessons are encouraged from the textbook to improve the learning curve.

Forgetting concepts can cause a child to be frazzled. Instead of the same old routine, children learn to refresh forgotten concepts through simple processes that are relatively easy to comprehend.

From a parent’s perspective, if you feel that your child has difficulty with mathematics, get your child to read the portions out aloud. In doing so, s/he may be able to determine the solution to the problem.

Maths tuition is quite essential to the child of today. In showing the little ones that real life situations are similar to routine tasks will better their skills and improve her/his ability to do the mental math based on values.

How math enrichment centre can develop special awareness and reasoning skills in children

Learning math not only helps someone understand various formulae and solve numerical problems but it also develops other skills as well. Mathematics improves our overall cognitive functions and as a result, we develop problem solving skills, self-awareness, reasoning skills to name a few. The early we start, the better results we achieve.

Problem solving exercise stimulates our brain cells, and studies suggest our cognitive functions improve significantly when we read and solve numerical problems for a certain period of time. Hence, by focusing on understanding mathematical concepts would not only help students in their academic career but would also improve the skills that can significantly improve their personal and professional life.

Reasoning is a three-step process that involves:
1. Making an assumption or speculation.
2.Identifying a pattern and generalizing.
3.And finally arriving at a conclusion.
And that’s exactly how we solve any problem, which includes numerical problems as well.

Although math itself improves our reasoning skills, special emphasis is given to reasoning and problem solving skills at math enrichment centre for children to develop these skills. Reasoning and problem solving skills are considered key areas of mathematics as these are intertwined. Mathematics is all about reasoning and reasoning in turn helps us simplify the process of solving numerical problems. One can’t solve mathematical problems without having sound reasoning skills or vice versa.

Math enrichment centre provides the environment and opportunities to nurture the students for a brighter future. The classroom training involves activities where students can exercise their reasoning skills and improve upon them. Interactive training sessions allow students to share ideas with teachers and fellow students, and understand the concepts better.

Step by step approaches are used to solve numerical problems, which improves the understanding of the students and help them break down the process in smaller steps.

Programs are designed for students of all level and suit the need of every individual student. Assessments are conducted periodically to review the progress of individual students and take corrective measures if required. It is also ensured that every student receives equal training and no one is falling behind and that can only be achieved when students are on par with each other as far as their reasoning abilities are concerned.

At the end of the program, students not only master the subject but also develop sound reasoning and critical thinking abilities which help them immensely in their career.

How to teach your child maths through everyday activity

Learning through play:

Children tend to learn faster if they are taught informally through play, rather than through a formal routine. While in a play children can investigate, imagine and even recreate. They come to terms with the world in a much better way if new concepts are taught to them through play. They have a better understanding of the concepts that are taught through playful acts. However, what activities the children participate in and what concepts they are intended to learn from these activities depend greatly on the adults around them. Adults play a huge role in what the children learn.

This does not mean that the adults design the child’s play or dictate what kind of playful activities the child will get into. But surely they can influence and enhance the child’s play by providing adequate and relevant material that are needed for the child to play and learn at the same time. Parents and caregivers have a huge role to play in deciding the growth of the child. But one must remember, the moment they start dictating what the child will play and how they will play it, the game ceases to be an act of teaching.

Teaching mathematics through play:

For many parents, mathematics and play are two very different things that cannot be clubbed together. No wonder many children consider mathematics to be a torture while they turn to games and play to find an escape from this torture. However, we must remember that young children in their preschool stage can be taught crucial mathematical concepts through play. Children from a very young age assign shapes to different concepts. This in itself is a way of sowing the seeds of mathematical knowledge in the child’s mind.

Apart from these through daily activities too children can be taught numeric skills. Added to this, there are courses for maths enrichment for K1 that can add to your child’s mathematical skills. In these courses children are taught innovative methods through which they can easily do big calculations.

Through everyday activities and maths enrichment for K1, children can be taught the following concepts:

  • Having the knowledge basic measurements, calculations, and shapes and patterns
  • Understanding the numeric language and being able to understand patterns and sequence
  • Understand chronological orders and logic

Thus through every day activities like teaching your child teaching your child to read the clock or count the steps while walking, you can increase your child’s mathematical skills.

Sharpen Those Creative Skills – Compose A Poem!

The favorite of all – Children love poems and get connected easily to the rhythm they sing, to the way they identify the story and to the way they memorize every bit of it. In order to bring out their ability in learning as well as inspiring those little emotions, this can be the best method to help them compose one! However, the biggest hurdle of all is the endeavors of many teachers at nursery schools in Singapore this task.

How to guide? – As a teacher, reciting a poem in class, explaining the story in it and making the students love to read it all again is fun to do. So this special art of writing a poem will also be just as enjoyable. All it requires are a few guidelines that help them come up with the best poem according to their abilities. Introduce them to the fact that poems can be written in a wide range of variations, from 4 lines to any length. Tell them that the choice of word can be purely of one choice and finally, the sky is the limit in letting the verse flow.

The guideline –

* Choose books that can be easily understood by a kindergarten school kid. Read along with the children loud and clear, explaining to them the way it is written, the pattern followed, how every line is ending and what kind of rhythm or rhyme is applied. It gives them an overall view of how a poem can be penned first.

* Once done with reading and explanation, start writing the poem with its lyrics. You can even use a favorite song of theirs as an example. Now, as the lyrics are done, for the same tune, help in composing a different poem with all new lyrics. This helps to increase their vocabulary and thought process.

* The next day, take them to a park, or a street or even a newsstand and let them observe the things. Tell them to put down on the paper what they have seen in four lines and ask them to singing their ‘poem’ with a rhythm.

* This is the basic level for a kid to start writing a poem with a rhythm and tune. This cannot be done at a stretch too. Remember they are kids; although they may be able to grasp concepts quickly, they will need time to master it. Don’t rush them before they are ready.

* As a parent or as a teacher, this poem composition is to brush up their hidden creative skills and provoke their thought process towards a better path day by day.

What Does Your Child Learn in Skool-Ready?

Preschools in Singapore offer you, as a parent, the best learning experience for your child and ensure that the child gets the best teaching to enhance his mental, physical, intellectual and emotional abilities. The preschool offers playgroups in Singapore where your child can interact with other children of the same age. When the child interacts with other children his age, he is able to understand the personalities of other children and how to get along with them.

Who is the program best suited for?

This program is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 6 and uses a lot of fun-based learning activities to have the children interact with each other. It uses an inquiry-based curriculum that is filled with fun activities and concrete learning processes to allow the children to have fun with each other. The children can experience an array of extraordinary learning activities and observe the way other children behave in the environment.

What does the Skool-Ready program involve?

The program organizes a number of lessons that teach the children various subjects on English, learning, maths, etc. Each learning program has a central theme that focuses on learning one activity that all the children can learn and enjoy together. The teachers spend quality time with the children and build a lasting and bonding relationship with each of the students. The teacher and children will develop a project inquiry on a subject that interests the both of them.

Why choose the Skool-Ready program for your toddler or child?

The Skool-Ready program offered by My First Skool is one of the best preschool programs that you can enroll your child or toddler into. This program is also aligned with the Ministry of Education in Singapore or the MOE Preschool curriculum framework and helps to develop the child’s mental and thinking skills, knowledge and mental disposition using six different kinds of learning based activities or domains –

* Creative and aesthetic expression

* Discovering the world

* Literacy and language development skills

* Numerical development skills and mathematical abilities

* Motor skills development

* Emotional, mental and social development

* English language skills

* Drawing, painting, sketching skills

The Skool-Ready program will definitely get your child ready to face any kind of problem once he enters the higher school levels and he will be fully equipped with the cognitive, mental, social, emotional and thinking skills necessary to take on any school in Singapore.

Basic Tips For Finding The Best Bak Chor Mee

With so many bak chor mee stalls in Singapore, identifying the right one could be a daunting task. You want to find professionals who could make your outside dining experience count and actually leave you with something flavorsome you can write home about. Remember that you want to dine on a dish that has been considered the epitome of Asian food culture and lifestyle for a long time. This means that a lot has changed in its preparation process. A few basic tips could guide you into finding the best Bak Chor Mee.

Meaningful evolution that touches on preparation of the typical mix of noodles and minced meat would enable experts to bring out more flavors and work on their food presentation skills. It goes without saying that the original presentation of Bak Chor Mee was not a delightful sight. Fortunately, a lot of experts have now done away with the soup and instead use a tasty sauce made of spices and vinegar.

You want to spend your money on a tasty meal that is also filled with healthy nutrients. In this respect, you can simply not afford to overlook the food preparation process followed by chefs who have your interest. Search for the views of food critics and also seek the opinions of your acquaintances before choosing where to dine.

Then again, great food would not be good enough if you are not offered a comfortable atmosphere and outstanding customer service. During research for a good place you could sit down and have your favorite meal, see to it that you do all inclusive considerations in order to make the best possible choice.

Basing initial research online would be a brilliant idea. You could find the reviews of locals and even those of visitors who have had a taste of the authentic Singaporean meal for the first time. There is much that you could tell about the general experience that you could be offered in a particular stall based on the kind of reviews and testimonials that have been made by recent clients.

Stomach affairs are often taken seriously across the globe. This means that most people would be glad to talk about good food, where to get it and even who prepares it. The power of word of mouth could come in handy when seeking guidance on a topic such as food which is dear to many. One of the simplest ways of finding the finest BCM stalls is by seeking personal recommendations.