How math enrichment centre can develop special awareness and reasoning skills in children

Learning math not only helps someone understand various formulae and solve numerical problems but it also develops other skills as well. Mathematics improves our overall cognitive functions and as a result, we develop problem solving skills, self-awareness, reasoning skills to name a few. The early we start, the better results we achieve.

Problem solving exercise stimulates our brain cells, and studies suggest our cognitive functions improve significantly when we read and solve numerical problems for a certain period of time. Hence, by focusing on understanding mathematical concepts would not only help students in their academic career but would also improve the skills that can significantly improve their personal and professional life.

Reasoning is a three-step process that involves:
1. Making an assumption or speculation.
2.Identifying a pattern and generalizing.
3.And finally arriving at a conclusion.
And that’s exactly how we solve any problem, which includes numerical problems as well.

Although math itself improves our reasoning skills, special emphasis is given to reasoning and problem solving skills at math enrichment centre for children to develop these skills. Reasoning and problem solving skills are considered key areas of mathematics as these are intertwined. Mathematics is all about reasoning and reasoning in turn helps us simplify the process of solving numerical problems. One can’t solve mathematical problems without having sound reasoning skills or vice versa.

Math enrichment centre provides the environment and opportunities to nurture the students for a brighter future. The classroom training involves activities where students can exercise their reasoning skills and improve upon them. Interactive training sessions allow students to share ideas with teachers and fellow students, and understand the concepts better.

Step by step approaches are used to solve numerical problems, which improves the understanding of the students and help them break down the process in smaller steps.

Programs are designed for students of all level and suit the need of every individual student. Assessments are conducted periodically to review the progress of individual students and take corrective measures if required. It is also ensured that every student receives equal training and no one is falling behind and that can only be achieved when students are on par with each other as far as their reasoning abilities are concerned.

At the end of the program, students not only master the subject but also develop sound reasoning and critical thinking abilities which help them immensely in their career.