Remedies for Frizzy Perm Hair in Singapore

Remedies for Frizzy Perm Hair in Singapore

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Frizzy hair is a problem faced by residents and visitors of Singapore alike. The humid weather can be a nightmare for people who hope to retain the same hairstyle from morning to evening. Unfortunately, this is not always the case since the hair tips become frizzy, and those who love curls end up frustrated because they cannot have them for a long time. Fortunately, there are ways for you to reduce the damage humidity has on your hair.

Shampoo, condition and give your hair a cold rinse

Frizzy hair results from the dehydration of the outer cuticle of the hair. Once dehydrated hair is exposed to moisture, the strands swell up and that is how it becomes frizzy. Once you perm your hair, it is vital that you invest in a shampoo, and conditioner to help your hair cope with Singapore’s weather. When done, give your hair a rinse using cold water. This will constrict the cuticles and help stop your hair from becoming frizzy.

Use protein-infused treatments

Besides using the right shampoo and conditioner, you need products that you can use on the hair after washing it. Protein-infused treatments target frizz and strengthens hair. Regular use of hair treatments will help you retain the moisture and keep the frizz out. Ask your stylist on the best treatment regimen that will give your hair the nutrients it needs without overdoing it. If the cost of regular treatments is high, you should find out the best schedule for you and your hair type.

Get high-grade oil

With Singapore’s humid weather, you may be tempted to go easy on the oil because you do not want greasy hair. However, high-quality hair oil will be absorbed by the oil. This will increase the moisture in the hair and reduce the impact of the frizz. A hair oil that is of poor quality will settle on top of your hair and leave you feeling greasy.

Do not use shampoo daily

Although it may be a relief to wash your hair daily, the shampoo you are using may be damaging your hair. The daily use of shampoo will dehydrate your hair. Substitute your usual shampoo with dry shampoo every three days to protect your hair from damage. When selecting a shampoo to use on your hair, find out if you can get a shampoo that is specially made for perm hair.

Air-dry your hair 80% before blow-drying

Before blow-drying your hair, it is important for you to air-dry it first. This is because heat causes the cuticle to expand, and this results in frizzy hair. If you are always in a rush in the morning, it is best to have an early start so that your hair can dry as required before you blow-dry it.

When towel drying your hair, it is best not to rub it like crazy. Instead, you should carefully blot the water off. If you have thick and long air, you should blot the water in bits to keep your hair from getting tangled.



Get the right cut

Short frizzy hair is more difficult to manage than long hair. However, long hair can also be quite frustrating, especially if it is heavy. If your hair is unbearably frizzier, the longer the cut should be. You should also cut your hair in layers to reduce the frizz. Your hair also looks great if it is wavy and in layers.

When getting a cut, it is vital not to overdo it, especially when it comes to the creation of layers. If this is overdone, instead of solving your frizzy hair problem, it may just become worse.

Get a keratin treatment

If frizz is a daily occurrence for you, you should try a keratin treatment. During the first month, your hair may be straighter and flatter than usual. However, things will become better after using this treatment, and your curls will slowly become more defined.

There are several steps you can take to take care of frizzy perm. You do not need to settle for less. You just need to find the remedies that work for you. Your hair type will influence the method that has the most success for you.


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