Sharpen Those Creative Skills – Compose A Poem!

The favorite of all – Children love poems and get connected easily to the rhythm they sing, to the way they identify the story and to the way they memorize every bit of it. In order to bring out their ability in learning as well as inspiring those little emotions, this can be the best method to help them compose one! However, the biggest hurdle of all is the endeavors of many teachers at nursery schools in Singapore this task.

How to guide? – As a teacher, reciting a poem in class, explaining the story in it and making the students love to read it all again is fun to do. So this special art of writing a poem will also be just as enjoyable. All it requires are a few guidelines that help them come up with the best poem according to their abilities. Introduce them to the fact that poems can be written in a wide range of variations, from 4 lines to any length. Tell them that the choice of word can be purely of one choice and finally, the sky is the limit in letting the verse flow.

The guideline –

* Choose books that can be easily understood by a kindergarten school kid. Read along with the children loud and clear, explaining to them the way it is written, the pattern followed, how every line is ending and what kind of rhythm or rhyme is applied. It gives them an overall view of how a poem can be penned first.

* Once done with reading and explanation, start writing the poem with its lyrics. You can even use a favorite song of theirs as an example. Now, as the lyrics are done, for the same tune, help in composing a different poem with all new lyrics. This helps to increase their vocabulary and thought process.

* The next day, take them to a park, or a street or even a newsstand and let them observe the things. Tell them to put down on the paper what they have seen in four lines and ask them to singing their ‘poem’ with a rhythm.

* This is the basic level for a kid to start writing a poem with a rhythm and tune. This cannot be done at a stretch too. Remember they are kids; although they may be able to grasp concepts quickly, they will need time to master it. Don’t rush them before they are ready.

* As a parent or as a teacher, this poem composition is to brush up their hidden creative skills and provoke their thought process towards a better path day by day.

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