Some of the most delicious cake shops in Singapore

Cakes! Over the years, the word seems to have some sort of indication of a celebration on its way. We all like to eat those yummy cakes! Just because! Singapore provides every dessert lover a chance to linger and stay. There are plenty of great cake shops available here and all you need to do to find one is to look online! To help you in your quest of finding the most excellent cakes in Singapore, we have compiled this article containing many different cake shops from all corners of Singapore. One example of a famous birthday shop in Singapore is Catandthefiddle whom are very popular for their specially made cheesecakes that comes 30-40 flavors.

Lady M Confections is located at Orchid Central. The name is synonymous rich cakes and excellent breakfasts. Their signature dish, Mille Crêpes, is made of 20 layers. Just thinking about it is enough to make anyone drool! The Patissier is the one-stop destination for anyone looking for a great birthday cake. From traditional cakes to funky customized one, you can get anything here. Their customer and delivery service is excellent, just like their cakes! Anytime you crave for Japanese dessert, Patisserie Glace is the place to go. They offer a wide variety of selections and also make customized cakes. The best part here is that they also offer vegan desserts!

Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill is most popular for their cakes made from natural ingredients. Each of their creation is hand-made and certain cakes or pastries resemble flowers! Eggless or vegan cakes were usually not readily available a few years back. But with the vegan population on the rise, there are many cake shops and bakeries out there who are ready to whip up a lovely customized cake, just for you! There are many cake shops in Singapore which make it difficult to know which ones actually do serve those delectable cakes. For starters, check out this list by The Best Singapore for the best cakes available in Singapore.



Green Tea Mille Crêpes is the best crêpe ever: The delightfully rich, fragrant matcha pastry cream filled between layers and the delicious, paper-thin crêpes will make your heart skip a beat. Try this gorgeous delight to find out why this is so popular with the crowd.


Authentic Japanese ingredients: Some ingredients like walnut and green tea are directly sourced from Japan. Thus, the presentation and taste might remind you of days back in this country. The all-time favourite strawberry shortcake is very much available, and it doesn’t look too far from the traditional version.


Divine Japanese strawberry soufflé: The chef has done a perfect job in balancing the flavours of fresh strawberries, cream, milk, and other ingredients that make up the smooth, moist and light strawberry soufflé. It has been rendering diners speechless after each bite since 2008.


Red velvet cupcake is a star of the show: It is made of Valrhona cocoa cake butter, topped with vanilla cream cheese icing. The cake is moist, fluffy and velvety (indeed) while the frosting is perfectly smooth and has no overwhelming creaminess. A highly recommended flavour to any foodies out there! Read more here!


Now that you have a good idea of where to go for some delicious goodness, let’s take a look at another list of must-go places.


Cakes have become an integral part of our lives. We tend to mark every milestone in our lives with a cake! I don’t see anything wrong with it. From birthdays to anniversaries, even farewells and new jobs are celebrated with a cake. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best places in Singapore where you can go and get your cake-dose for the week! Cakes are usually the dessert we choose for any and all celebration.

Dream Cake Studio makes the most gorgeous cakes. So much so that even the most ardent cake lover will not feel like cutting the cake, lest it destroys the artwork! This list by Sassy Mama contains quite a few decadent cakes.


Our Favourite Birthday Cake Bakeries


Started by a passionate cake-loving mama, Dream Cake Studio makes whimsical cakes that are not only oh-so-pretty to look at (I mean, just look at that Peppa Pig cake!), but also incredibly delish! Made with good quality ingredients such as Swiss chocolate, French butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, and free range eggs, they’ll be happy to accommodate to your requests for a cake that’s truly customized for your celebration. They also have some fun-filled cupcake and cake classes that you can sign up for!

If you’re a fan of cheesecake, look no further, mama! Cat & The Fiddle offers over 15 different varieties of creamy goodness; among our faves are “Naughty and Nice” (Devil’s chocolate cake topped with cream cheese and fluffy sponge); “Queen of Hearts” (classic strawberries and cream cheese); and “Milo Dinosaur” (chocolate malt cheesecake topped with a dusting of Milo powder). Bonus points for the great price (use the money you’ve saved to buy a cake topper or two!) and the convenience of online ordering and same-day delivery. Read more here!

When you are in the mood to have something out of the ordinary, these are the places to visit. Their cakes and combinations are out of the world.


Now that we are almost sorted for the next fortnight, let’s wrap it up with another small round of lavish cakes. Check out another set of delicious cakes by Ho Pei Ying!




Out of the Cake Box: This pretty cake was inspired by takoh, the sweet and salty Thai coconut jelly dessert in pandan leaf cups. Here, it’s a beautiful marriage of coconut custard, pandan cheesecake and sweet corn mousse. On their own, the layers don’t make a strong impact, but eaten together? Heavenly!

Cedele: East meets West. The green tea sponge was generously layered with rich chocolate truffle and an authentic bittersweet matcha green tea cream. A smooth, luscious dark chocolate ganache enveloped this indulgent creation.

Palet D’or: You’ll feel like you’re eating pure chocolate with this one. The cake is a new take on the classic palet d’or, a rich chocolate dessert made of layers of cake and chocolate cream. Paul’s version is similar, except that a hazelnut dacquoise and feuilletine are included for added crunch. Read more here!

The cake shops Ying has chosen to cover contains all types of cakes, from rolls to the traditional tier ones.


Well, there you go! These are some of the best cake and bakery shops in Singapore. Check them out! From upcoming new bakeries to established cake shops, you can take your pick. Some offer traditional and yummy cakes while others cater to the more adventurous ones. Have fun! Bon Appétit!