What Does Your Child Learn in Skool-Ready?

Preschools in Singapore offer you, as a parent, the best learning experience for your child and ensure that the child gets the best teaching to enhance his mental, physical, intellectual and emotional abilities. The preschool offers playgroups in Singapore where your child can interact with other children of the same age. When the child interacts with other children his age, he is able to understand the personalities of other children and how to get along with them.

Who is the program best suited for?

This program is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 6 and uses a lot of fun-based learning activities to have the children interact with each other. It uses an inquiry-based curriculum that is filled with fun activities and concrete learning processes to allow the children to have fun with each other. The children can experience an array of extraordinary learning activities and observe the way other children behave in the environment.

What does the Skool-Ready program involve?

The program organizes a number of lessons that teach the children various subjects on English, learning, maths, etc. Each learning program has a central theme that focuses on learning one activity that all the children can learn and enjoy together. The teachers spend quality time with the children and build a lasting and bonding relationship with each of the students. The teacher and children will develop a project inquiry on a subject that interests the both of them.

Why choose the Skool-Ready program for your toddler or child?

The Skool-Ready program offered by My First Skool is one of the best preschool programs that you can enroll your child or toddler into. This program is also aligned with the Ministry of Education in Singapore or the MOE Preschool curriculum framework and helps to develop the child’s mental and thinking skills, knowledge and mental disposition using six different kinds of learning based activities or domains –

* Creative and aesthetic expression

* Discovering the world

* Literacy and language development skills

* Numerical development skills and mathematical abilities

* Motor skills development

* Emotional, mental and social development

* English language skills

* Drawing, painting, sketching skills

The Skool-Ready program will definitely get your child ready to face any kind of problem once he enters the higher school levels and he will be fully equipped with the cognitive, mental, social, emotional and thinking skills necessary to take on any school in Singapore.

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